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Cthulhu is a large tentacled beast with wings . It appears in Atticus' dream.[1]

Cthulhu Mythos[]

Cthulhu is a fictional creature created by writer H.P. Lovecraft, first introduced in the short story The Call of Cthulhu and published in the 1928 edition of the American pulp magazine Weird Tales. The creature has since become a highly popularized figure in the greater Lovecraft continuity and is known to have such abilities as super strength, flight, telepathy, and immortality. In the first chapter of The Call of Cthulhu short story, the creature is described as so: "My somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature. ... A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings.”


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