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I Am is a minor character in Lovecraft Country. She is portrayed by Karen LeBlanc.

She is a robotic alien.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

I Am.[]

I Am brings Hippolyta onto her ship after she was pulled into a portal. She implanted a purple device in each of Hippolyta's wrists and locked her in a futuristic white room. She tells Hippolyta that she’s not a prisoner. Still, Hippolyta struggles to find a way out. She manages to get the doors open after finding the access panel but is stopped by I Am. She asks Hippolyta who she wants to be and tells her to name herself. Hippolyta says that she wants to dance on stage with Josephine Baker and is given the opportunity. Later, after Hippolyta realizes her true potential, they reconvene. Hippolyta is ready to be fully integrated into their society. She no longer needs the devices on her wrist but the change will be permanent. Should Hippolyta choose not to change, she’ll be sent back to her Earth. Hippolyta can't stay because Dee needs her.[1]

Physical Appearance[]

I Am is tall black woman more than seven foot tall with an afro and body armor.


Season One


  • I Am is credited as Seraphina AKA Beyond C'est.