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Josephine Baker is a minor character in Lovecraft Country. She is portrayed by Carra Patterson.

She was an American-born French entertainer and singer.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

I Am.[]

After their show, Josephine approaches Hippolyta in response to her poor performance on stage and shows her the routine. She reminds Hippolyta that she’s not in America anymore and tells her to loosen up. And so the following night, Hippolyta performed on stage alongside Josephine. They grow close over time. Josephine remarks that nights like this she burns so bright that she feels like a star in the black of space. Being with Josephine has shined a light on Hippolyta as well. Now she’s tasting freedom like she’s never known before. She realizes that all she's ever been was the type of colored woman white folks wanted her to be. She feels as if they found a smart way to lynch her without the noose. Sometimes, she wants to kill white folks. She also hates herself for allowing them to make her feel small. Josephine asks what she’s going to do with all that anger. Hippolyta exclaims “I am Hippolyta.”[1]

Physical Appearance[]

Josephine was a young black woman with a slim figure. She had a light complexion with brown eyes and wavy short hair.


No, no, Cheri, not like a movie star. Anyone can be that. Me, I feel like the stars in the black of space... magnificent, ancient, and already extinguished. Most of the girls never notice when I get like this. You know just where to look. You've found that same thing in yourself, haven't you?

Josephine to Hippolyta, I Am.


Season One