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Letitia Lewis is one of the main characters in Lovecraft Country. She is portrayed by Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

She is an old high school friend of Atticus and Ruby’s younger half-sister. Just returned home after she left home in search of her own home. On her journey she traveled across the country as a photographer and civil rights activist.



Leti was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. She lived with her mother, who would often leave her by herself to go out and party with strange men. But one night, she left and never came back. So Leti was sent to a boarding house, where she'd sit in the window every day, praying that her mother would come home, reciting the same verse repeatedly: "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me."[2] In high school, Leti was the only female member of the Southside Futurists Science Fiction Club and ran all-star track.[3]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]


Leti returns to Chicago and immediately begins taking photos. She then finds her sister, Ruby, singing on stage. Leti tells Ruby to play "Whole Lotta Shakin!" The crowd chants Leti’s name, encouraging her to sing alongside Ruby on stage. Leti concedes, and she and Ruby sing together. After their performance, Leti asks Ruby for a place to stay. Ruby tells Leti that she’s over at the boarding house on McCarthy and that she can stay for two days. Ruby couldn’t afford the room on Linden after their mother’s funeral. Ruby suggests that her sister go looking for a job up on the Northside, but Leti refuses to clean houses. She wants to work at one of the department stores downtown.

Leti decides to join Tic and George on their trip to Ardham. She greets Tic and tells him that her brother, Marvin, is working for the Springfield African American, and he’s going to look into Ardham for them.

Leti, Tic, and George head Midwest. They pull off of the road to discuss making a detour for Lydia’s diner in Simmonsville as George wishes to add some entries to the guide. The three of them pull up to Lydia’s diner, which was supposedly a red-bricked building on the far end of town. However, Lydia’s was no longer red-bricked, but white, and had been renamed to Simmonsville Dinette. They enter the diner. The only customer is a white man, who immediately exits upon their arrival. Tic and Leti wish to leave as they are clearly unwanted, but George reminds them that they’re all citizens.

As Leti goes to the ladies room, she overhears the waiter on the phone with another man, informing him how three Negroes entered the shop. The waiter remarks that he didn’t serve them, not after being what happens to Ms. Lydia. Leti then comes running from out back and tells them that they need to leave immediately. They drive off, but they’re being followed and shot at by a group of white men. Tic grabs his gun from out his bag and shoots back. They notice the silver sedan approaching on a nearby road. The roads merge, and Leti manages to stay ahead of both the silver sedan and the group of men. The silver sedan comes to a sudden halt, which causes the group of men to mysteriously flip over the sedan without having even touched it. a white woman exits the silver sedan and makes eye contact with Tic as they drive away.

Leti, Tic, and George arrive at Marvin’s and share with him how they escaped a lynch mob. Marvin then tells them everything he’s gathered on Devon County. The county seat, Bideford, is named after a town in England where they had one of the last witch trials. They hung a woman for fornicating with the devil who appeared to her as a Negro man. Meaning Bideford was founded by witch hunters. Marvin’s also found stories of how travelers were attacked in the surrounding woods by undetermined animals. There’s also several missing people, some of which might be due to the current Sheriff, Eunice Hunt. As for Ardham, it was settled around the same time as Bideford. Marvin pulls out a map and pinpoints Ardham, which appears to be in the middle of nowhere, with no guide stops. With this, they can go to the registry to map out the property lines.

Later that night, Leti and Marvin get into an argument over the money he sent to her two months ago when she was in D.C. He presumed she was going to use it to come home for their mother’s funeral, but instead, she used it to bail some friend out of jail.

The next day, despite initial plans to stay with her brother, Leti joins Tic and George back on the road. They went to the registry and learned of a bridge over the river to Ardham, but they’ve yet to find it. They pull over to search the woods as the bridge may have been grown over. Leti reminds him of what her brother said in regards to not wanting to get caught out after dark. They are confronted by Sheriff Hunt, who approaches with a shotgun in hand. He asks where they are from and if they know what a Sundown town is, referring to Devon County as a sundown county. He warns them that had he found them in his woods after dark, it would’ve been his sworn duty to hang them from a tree. They have seven minutes to leave his county.

They drive to the county line with just four minutes left and Sheriff Hunt on their tail. Unfortunately, they can't go faster in fear of the sheriff pulling them over. Sheriff Hunt rams their car multiple times. Tic tells Leti to get the gun. She grabs it out of his bag and lies low. They have just under a minute left before the sun sets. Sheriff Hunt falls back as they just barely make it over the county line to Worcester. However, not far down the road, they hit a roadblock, where four of Hunt’s officers stand ready for their arrival.

Leti, Tic, and George are taken into the woods by Sheriff Hunt and his deputies. The trio are shoved to the ground and accused of burglaries in the area. Tic insists that they haven’t stolen anything. However, Hunt questions how Tic knew his name. As they are about to open fire, they start to hear snarling coming from within the trees. A mysterious creature jumps out and eats one of the deputies whole, leaving nothing but his arm. Tic and Leti jump to their feet and run.

Leti and Tic take refuge in an abandoned cabin. Tic realizes that uncle George is missing but there’s nothing he can do. Sheriff Hunt, who has been bitten in his shoulder, and Deputy Eastchurch force their way inside and make Tic and Leti barricade the door.

George finds his way to the cabin and realizes that none of the monsters attacked him even when all he had was a flashlight. He quotes a scene from Dracula and suspects that much like vampires, these monsters are weakened by light. Tic wants to make a run for the car, where they have flares. However, Sheriff Hunt orders Leti to go instead, to which she agrees, reminding Tic that she was all-star track in high school.

Leti races to the car, where she is confronted by one of the monsters. She gets inside and turns the headlights on, forcing the beast to retreat and tunnel underground. However, another beast appears, landing on top of the hood. Leti stuns it with her camera flash before driving away. She drives directly into the cabin and grabbed the flares from the trunk. Tic joins her. However, they didn’t need to hold them off for long as the monsters appeared to retreat at the sound of a piercing whistle.

The sun rises as Leti, Tic, and George cross over the bridge into Ardham. They arrive at a large mansion covered in blood, where they see the silver sedan from before. Tic knocks on the front door and a blond man named William answers the door. He says that they’ve been expecting Tic and welcomes him home.[3]

Whitey's on the Moon[]

Leti gets cleaned up and situated in her room at the Sons of Adam Lodge. She hears an alarm and exits her room. George reveals that he’s got a personal library in his room whereas Leti has outfits for every occasion, all in her exact size. William greets them and explains that what they heard was merely the lunch bell before offering to escort them to the veranda. Tic questions how could she eat after what they experienced the night before, but neither Leti nor George can recall the monsters they encountered. Still, they plan to to find Montrose and escape at the first chance they get.

The three of them head into the village in search of Montrose. Leti starts to suspect that Tic is going crazy as Woody didn’t seem nearly as damaged as he initially indicated it to be. Furthermore, he speaks of monsters, which neither she nor George can recall. Tic then hears the high-pitched whistle from the night before. He goes to investigate and finds Dell with two vicious guard dogs. She claims that it's just the cellar where she keeps her meat, but they suspect that it's where Montrose is being held.

Leti, Tic, and George make their way back to the lodge as the sun sets. George suddenly recalls something Tic' mother, Dora, told him years ago about her ancestors. She told him that her great-ancestor was a slave named Hanna and that she escaped her master’s house after a fire. He reminds them of what William said in regards to Titus Braithwhite being "kind" to his slave, meaning that Hanna ran through the very same woods they’re standing in, pregnant with Titus Braithwhite’s child after the fire. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by two large monsters. Christina arrives on a horse and blows her whistle, causing the monsters to flee. She then orders Dell to escort Tic to her father’s lab and George and Leti to their rooms. And just like that, George and Leti have no memory of what just occurred.

Leti suddenly regains her memory of the night before with the monsters. She tries to use a pocket knife to pick the lock open on her door. Tic enters and asks her to sit down. "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me." Tic repeats it to Leti after she said this to him the night before. The last time she said the verse, she was a terrified kid. Her mother would leave her by herself all the time. She would lie and say she was going to church. She’d always come home, usually with a strange man. Until one day, she didn’t return. Leti sat in the window of the boarding house everyday and said that verse like a prayer for her mother to come back. Tic tells Leti that he would never abandon her and they proceed to kiss. Tic lays Leti on the bed and unzips his pants, revealing a serpent in his pants. Leti screams and reaches for her knife.

After Tic and George dined with the Order of the Ancient Dawn, they sneaked into the stone silo in search for Montrose, but all they find is his flask. Dell comes downstairs with a loaded shotgun, referring to them as dumb animals. Before she can pull the trigger, Leti knocks her out with a shovel. George then realizes that Montrose must’ve dug his way out. Taking inspiration from his favorite book "The Count of Monte Cristo." They find Montrose as he emerges from the ground after digging his way out and make their way back to the lodge, during which time they crash into an invisible barrier. The four of them exit the vehicle as Samuel and Christina pull up behind them. Samuel shoots Leti, who bleeds out in a matter of seconds.

Leti is resurrected by Samuel Braithwhite only after Tic agreed to help him with the ceremony to access the Garden of Eden. She runs into the bathroom and opens up her shirt only to see that she’s completely healed. She washes the blood off and cries hysterically.

As the ceremony commences, Leti and Montrose help George out of the collapsing lodge. They are soon joined by Tic, however, Leti delivers the unfortunate news of George’s passing. Tic looks inside Woody to find Montrose cradling George’s lifeless body.[2]

Holy Ghost[]

Three weeks have passed since George’s funeral. Leti sits motionless in church as a single tear drops from her eye whilst those around her sing and dance. She later presents Ruby with her recently purchased house on the North Side of Chicago, in a predominantly white neighborhood. Ruby questions how Leti could afford to buy a house. Leti doesn’t answer, simply stating that the home has three floors, not including the basement, and 13 rooms. She wants to turn it into a boarding house and make it a safe haven for colored people. Ruby reluctantly agrees to move in and help Leti fix the house up. Leti then takes Ruby to the in-house elevator. However, it appears stuck. Leti sticks her head into the shaft and the elevator comes slamming down. Ruby barely manages to pull her out the way just in time.

Leti has settled into her new home and has already begun accepting tenants. She takes photos of the home as she passes through. Tic arrives soon thereafter to say goodbye. He has plans to return to Florida. Leti tells Tic that she has an available room and asks him to stay, at least until the housewarming party. Suddenly, they hear car horns honking outside the house. They find three white men, each with a car and a brick tied to the steering wheel to ensure that the car horn persists. And so, Tic decides to stick around.

Three days later, whilst Leti sleeps, a ghost slowly pulls the cover from off her. At the edge of the bed, the elderly ghost woman watches Leti sleep before yanking the blanket off and awakening her. Leti gets out of bed, the car horns outside her home still going, and steam hisses from the radiator. Leti goes into the basement to check the boiler. She then starts to hear a loud banging noise coming from further within the basement. She follows it to a cellar door, where she runs from in terror after hearing multiple whispering voices.

Leti returns to the cellar with Tic. With a baseball bat in hand, he goes to investigate but fails to find anything. Leti insists that she’s heard voices. Tic chalks it up to stress. Leti suspects that it was her white neighbors who tampered with her boiler. Tic explains how excessive heat and noise are the same tactics they used in Korea. He offers to nail the windows down in the basement and keep watch for a couple nights.

A few days later, Leti hosts her housewarming party, where Ruby sings in the living room for the guests. Leti tells Hippolyta how much she appreciates her bringing so much food. Hippolyta’s icebox is overflowing with food that people bring when they come to check on her. Hippolyta makes a comment about Tic, leading Leti to suspect that he reminds Hippolyta of George.

Tic follows Leti into the bathroom, where they have sex on the bathroom countertop. Tic notices that Leti is bleeding. She’s embarrassed, claiming that her cycle started. Tic insists that it’s okay as he leaves. Afterward, they notice that a flaming cross has gone up in the front yard. Leti takes a baseball bat, breaks the window of all three cars and removes the bricks tied to the steering wheels in order to stop the honking. As the police near, they put the shotguns in the back of a car and Ruby drives away. Tic, Leti, and Tree put their hands behind their heads and get down on their knees.

Leti rides in the back of the patrol car with Captain Lancaster. He reads her record and asks if she’s with the "Monkey Urban League" or the "The National Association for the Advancement of Cockroaches." She’s filled 21 complaints of harassment from her neighbors, but Lancaster claims they didn’t receive any. He then asks Leti if anything strange happened in her house or if someone told her to buy the Winthrop house. When Leti refuses to answer, Lancaster instructs his men to swerve, causing Leti to bounce around the back of the vehicle, slamming against the inner walls of the patrol car. He reveals that they found the body parts of eight black people buried in the room below the basement. He tells her that she won’t last long in that house.

The following morning, Leti goes into the basement, specifically the cellar, which she now uses as a darkroom for her photos. She makes a startling discovery within each photo. As she puts them together on the floor, the ghostly face of a man emerges from the photos and tells her to get out of his house. Leti is knocked back several feet and runs upstairs.

Ruby informs Leti that the tenants are leaving. They don’t like that Leti put a bigger target on their back by busting up those white boys’ cars. Ruby reminds Leti of the installment contract that they now can’t afford. Leti accidentally lets it slip that she still has some of the money that their mother left for her. Leti had been keeping this secret from Ruby. The money she got to buy the house came from their mother. The bank said that she was left an inheritance. Leti claims that she didn’t tell Ruby because she didn’t want to make her upset, but in actuality, she was being selfish. Ruby tells Leti that she should’ve split the money with her and Marvin.

Tic finds Leti at a bar. She reveals to him that her house is haunted. The realtor, JJ, was cagey about the previous owners but he called it the Winthrop house. The last owner of the house was a man named Hiram Epstein, who was a scientist at the University of Chicago. Until he was fired for unethical experimental practices. Leti believes he was experimenting on humans considering that eight bodies were found in the basement. Further, Leti found a print from the local paper on June 21, 1948, where Epstein and Captain Lancaster are pictured together. Lancaster’s also kept popping up in a string of articles as the lead detective in several missing persons reports on the South Side. Leti suspects that Lancaster was supplying Epstein with test subjects. Finally, in the pictures Leti took, the eight dead victims from the South Side are showing up in her photos. They’re all trapped in her house with Epstein’s ghost. Tic fears that the ghosts won’t stop until Leti is dead and suggests that she move out. Leti then tells Tic that the night of the housewarming was her first time having sex and that ever since she’s come back from the dead, she’s felt like a ghost in her own right.

Leti and Tic hire a priestess to cleanse the house. She slices open a goat’s throat and marks their foreheads with its blood as seals of protection. They go into the cellar, where the ghosts’ presence is at its greatest. They grab hands and form a circle.

The lights start the flicker and the room begins to shake around Tic and Leti as the priestess chants. She asks them to chant with her. The water pipes burst and the protection seals on their foreheads wipe away, making them vulnerable. The priestess is attacked — thrown against the ceiling and then possessed by Hiram Epstein, who turns her attention to Tic. As he chokes Tic against the wall, Leti calls out to the eight ghosts: Betsey, Phillip, Lucy, Jasper, Anarcha, Rufus, Grover, and Oliver. The priestess drops to the floor as Epstein takes over Tic’ body. He demands that Leti get out of his house. Leti pleads with the ghosts to help her. They appear and the nine of them; the eight ghosts plus Leti, join hands and banish Epstein.

In the following days, a reporter comes by to interview Leti about her boarding house. They get on the elevator and she asks if Leti heard anything about the disappearance of three of her white neighbors, but Leti claims to have no knowledge of their whereabouts. In actuality, she disposed of their bodies in the tunnels beneath her home, where Epstein disposed of his victims.[1]

A History of Violence[]

Leti’s gets an unexpected visit from Christina. An invisible barrier blocks her entry into the home. The seal of protection from the priestess holds true. Leti realizes that the money wasn’t an inheritance from her money after all but rather Christina. She informs Leti how Tic showed up at the realtor’s office and tried to shoot her. If he continues on this path of destruction, he will get them killed. Christina has come to claim Hiram’s orrery — a gold model of the solar system. However, Leti tells Christina to leave.

Leti goes to the Southside Colored Library in search of Tic. She confronts him after learning the truth about her house and that he tried to kill Christina, who can’t be killed. She’s protected by an invulnerability spell. Tic suspects that Christina used him as a Trojan horse to kill her father. So he is now searching for the two sets of deciphered pages from the Book of Names that Hiram Epstein stole. Christina also told him about the Book of Names that Titus Braithwhite kept hidden in a booby-trapped vault, but he doesn’t know where to search for it. Leti suggests that he talk to Montrose, who is well-versed in the matter.

Leti, Tic, and Montrose meet at Sammy’s bar. Montrose worries as they're outnumbered and outgunned. He unintentionally mentions that there are 34 other lodges besides the Sons of Adam. Montrose initially tells Tic and Leti that he won’t help, but then reveals that Titus’ vault is in a museum in Boston.

Leti, Tic, Montrose, Hippolyta, Diana, and Tree arrive at the Museum of Science. Montrose meet with the security guard who agreed to help them sneak in after hours. Before going to the Titus Braithwhite wing of the museum, Leti confronts Tree for lying to Tic and telling him that they had sex in high school despite the fact that they didn’t.

Montrose has made arrangements for the security to let them in through the back at night. They only have a two hour window to get to the vault and get back out. In the center of the Titus Braithwhite wing, they see his statue. They suspect that the vault is located somewhere underneath.

Leti, Tic, and Montrose sneak into the museum after dark. They look for a way to open the door underneath Titus' statue. Montrose tells them to turn off their flashlights. The light from the moon shines down on the statue, revealing the means to unlock the door. Tic climbs down a rope to investigate. Leti and Montrose follow with the map of Titus’ voyages. The three tunnels relate to Titus’ expeditions. His voyage to the Caribbean was supposedly his last. According to the brochure, the first renovations were done to the museum after he returned from the Caribbean in 1810, three years before he founded the Sons of Adam. With that, they travel down the north tunnel.

The trio reach the end of the tunnel. Below them is a black, seemingly bottomless pit. The only way to make it across to the other side is a single wooden plank. Tic ties a rope around Leti and assures her that it will hold. Leti walks the plank slowly and steadily. She is nearly knocked to her death by one of Titus’ booby-traps — a large, swinging anchor. Tic joins her on the plank. As the anchor swings back and forth, Leti times it perfectly and makes it safely onto the other side. Tic and Montrose race to the other side with Leti as the plank disappears. They reach a locked door with panels that must be pushed in the correct order to open. Montrose recalls the quote from the bylaws and recites them to Tic and Leti, who manage to get the door open.

They have less than an hour to find the vault and escape before the water rises and they drown. The water is above their waists. Tic questions how Montrose knows so much about the Sons of Adam. Montrose reveals that George gave him the Order of the Ancient Dawn bylaws the night he died. He read it and he burnt it. Leti screams upon finding a body floating in the water. She believes it to be one of her missing neighbors. They realize that they’re just below Leti’s house as they come across her elevator. Given that Hiram Epstein was part of the Order, it stands to reason that he was chasing Titus’ pages as well. Tic wants Leti and Montrose to go home, but Leti refuses to leave, reminding Tic that they’re all involved in this.

They're up to their shoulders in water as they near Titus’ vault. Tic puts on his Sons of Adam ring and sticks his hand into a hole, where his blood is drawn and used as a key to the vault. On the table, in the hand of a corpse, they find Titus’ pages to the Book of Names. Tic reaches for the pages and the corpse of an Arawak woman comes alive. She has the genitalia of a man but the breast of a woman. She explain in Arawak, which only Tic can understand, that Titus has been dead for over a century. Her name is Yahima Maraokoti. Both woman and man. Two spirits. She comes from the land of many waters. Titus came on his ships searching for those who could read his book. She knew the symbols from the cave of Alomun Kundi. When she found out Titus was evil, she refused to decipher another word, but he promised to reunite her with her peoplem, which he did by killing them and imprisoning her in his vault. Tic asks for her help, but she doesn’t trust him. So Montrose grabs the pages from her hand, which causes the windows to crack and the vault to flood.

Tic, Leti, Montrose, and Yahima swim to the elevator, forced to hold their breath as the water has risen. Leti goes back to get the pages that George dropped and then returns to the elevator. As the elevator rises, they are able to lift their heads above water to breathe, during which time, Tic passionately kisses Leti. Yahima then lets out a high-pitched scream, forcing Tic to knock her out.[4]

Strange Case[]

Leti and Tic come to discover that Yahima is missing from her room. Montrose claims that she’s gone. Tic savagely attacks Montrose to the point where he has to be forcefully removed. Tic rushes down into the basement in hopes that Leti took photos of Titus’ pages, which Montrose also destroyed. Leti follows him with a baseball bat in hand. Tic asks if she took photos. When she doesn’t respond, he raises his voice and leaves.

Leti finds Tic tending to the wounds on his hand after his altercation with Montrose. Leti reveals that she did take photos of the pages, but she didn’t have a chance to develop them yet. She wonders if Tic would’ve killed Montrose if she wasn’t there. He replies that he’s imagined it enough. Mostly after his father would beat him. He thought the violence in his father could never be in him, but he found it in the war. He tells Leti not to be scared of him and pulls her close. The two move to the couch and proceed to have sex.

Leti assists Tic with deciphering the Language of Adam. He managed to decipher his initials A, S, and F, as well as another seven letters. Successfully translating 11 out of 26. Assuming the Language of Adam is analogous to English. There’s also one symbol in particular that repeatedly shows up in the body of the text, which suggests it’s similar to Chinese hieroglyphics. Leti remarks this would’ve been easier with Yahima’s help. She understands why Montrose let her go, however, Tic reveals that his father didn’t let Yahima go. He killed her. Leti starts to suspect that the Language of Adam is evil and the devil’s tools. She fears that it’s corrupting them, but Tic insists that it’s not inherently evil.

Leti is joined by Tic while she soaks in the tub. She has been trying to say a prayer for Yahima. Leti’s mother’s faith was real. It’s why she dragged her and Ruby to church every Sunday. But it never made Leti a true believer. Tic blames himself for bringing the bad into Leti’s life. He tells her about a girl he knew back in Korea. They were romantically involved, but it ended in a strange way. Tic isn’t sure if what he felt for Ji-Ah was love. He never had a good example growing up. His parents were enduring, but unknowable. Growing up, Leti felt that love wasn’t special. Her mother fell into it every two seconds, and Ruby is the same way. Leti didn’t want to be with a man if it didn’t mean something. Tic looks Leti in the eyes and tells her what they have is special.[5]

I Am.[]

Leti finds herself chasing Hanna down the halls of the Sons of Adam Lodge while the building burns around them. Leti notices that she’s pregnant moments before going up in flames. Leti awakens from her sleep and goes searching for Tic, who managed to translate half the pages. The ceremony of Ardham was as complicated. There was a symbol that repeatedly showed up. It was written in chalk throughout the lab, though he couldn't make it out. Leti then makes mention of Hanna and her dream. Tic realizes that they’ve had the same dream, during which time Leti points out the Book of Names that Hanna had in hand while escaping the house.

Leti and Tic arrives at Montrose's to find him in an compromising relationship with Sammy. Tic rushes off, and Leti stays behind to ask Montrose about Dora's family. Leti joins Tic outside after asking Montrose how he found out about Dora’s family. He revealed that she had a cousin that survived the riots too. Montrose tracked a friend of hers down to St. Louis. Leti proposes they take Woody to St. Louis.

Leti and Tic arrive just as Hippolyta is heading out on what she claims is a guide trip. They were hoping to borrow Woody, but she tells him that her trip is more important and leaves. So they are forced to take the bus to St. Louis. Tic decides to make the trip on his own so that Leti can stay behind to talk with her sister.

Leti tries to make amends with Ruby. She first asks where she has been staying, though Ruby doesn’t answer. Leti admits that they’re last fight was her fault. All this time she spent thinking about the things she hated about their mother, it never occurred to Leti that she could end up being like their mother. She apologizes for not being truthful and hopes that Ruby will forgive her. Ruby remarks that she’s never heard their mother apologize in all her life, suggesting that maybe Leti isn’t like their mother.

Leti plays cards with Dee and her friends. She then heads into the kitchen, where Ruby is preparing dinner. Leti becomes queasy at the smell of garlic. Ruby jokes that she may be pregnant with Tic’s child. Leti flees into Hippolyta’s room and opens the window for fresh air. There, she finds the orrery. She then calls Tic to inform him that Hippolyta had Hiram’s orrery the entire time and that it has a set of coordinates engraved in the top. She suspects that Hippolyta followed the coordinates.[6]


After Dee goes missing at Bobo's funeral, Leti returns home in search of her, but instead, she finds Ji-Ah sitting in her living room. She reveals that she is a kumiho and that Tic is going to die. Leti packs Tic’s bag and tells him to leave with Ji-ah. After everything they’ve been through, she can't believe he didn’t tell her the truth about his time in Korea. Tic thought he was protecting them by keeping it a secret. He realizes that was a mistake and enacts his plan to cast a protection spell he learned from Christina. Leti tells Tic that he can’t trust Christina and reminds him that there’s too much at stake. Tic explains that he’s fighting for their future as they’re surrounded by monsters.

Leti prays to God for guidance and protection, specifically for Tic. Christina joins her and they briefly discuss the similarities between miracles and magic. Leti called her to make her a proposition. She offers Christina photos of Titus’ pages in exchange for her putting an invulnerability spell on Tic. Christina won’t do it for Tic, but she’s willing to place the spell on Leti. Christina gives her the Mark of Cain — her father’s invulnerability spell. Christina was the first to realize it could also be used to heal someone.

After Leti reveals to Ruby that she's pregnant, Ruby reveals that she knows about magic and has been working with Christina. Leti warns Ruby that Christina is playing her, however, Ruby believes that what she and Christina have is a mutually beneficial relationship. They head upstairs and look outside the window to find the entire Chicago Police Department outside her house. They claim they have a warrant to search the premises after getting a tip that known Nation of Islam radicals were organizing, though in truth, Captain Lancaster is simply after the orrery. He tries to enter Leti’s house, but is blocked by the protection barrier. And so, Lancaster and his officers open fire on the house.

Leti and Ruby take cover as the police open fire. However, Leti is protected by the Mark of Cain, making her bulletproof. She runs outside as the officers turn their guns on Tic. Fortunately, a shoggoth emerges from underground and shields Tic. After tearing through Captain Lancaster and his men, the shoggoth comes to heel in front of Tic as a pet would its master.[7]

Rewind 1921[]

Leti, Tic, Ruby, and Montrose watch over a dying Dee. Thanks to Ruby, Christina agrees to help her but only if Tic agrees to come back with her to Ardham on the night of the autumnal equinox. While she can't remove the curse, she can reset it, buying Dee more time. Hippolyta suddenly returns and Christina uses her blood to reset the curse. Afterward, Leti follows Ruby out and warns her that Christina can’t be trusted, however, she trusts Christina more than she does Tic and Montrose. Leti asks Ruby if she knows about Christina’s plan on the autumnal equinox and how it likely involves sacrificing Tic. Ruby doesn’t reply and joins Christina in the car.

Leti, Tic, Hippolyta, and Montrose drive to the observatory in Kentucky to retrieve the Book of Names from Tic’s family before it got lost in the Tulsa riots. Hippolyta controls the time machine while Leti, Tic, and Montrose travel back in time to Tulsa, 1921. They get dressed in more time appropriate clothes so as to not draw any attention and head over to Dora’s house, the last known whereabouts of the Book of Names. When Montrose sneaks away, Leti and Tic decide to split up. He goes to the park in search of Montrose while she recovers the Book of Names. Before parting ways, Tic reveals that he knows she’s pregnant, to which she replies that they should name him George.

Leti finds herself under attack by a lynch mob. They chase her down and open fire, though she is protected by the invulnerability spell. Verton and Gilbert come to her aid nonetheless and shoot back before helping Leti inside, where Nana Hattie, Beulah, and Martha wait. They ask her about the men who attacked her, and she informs them that there’s a truck of them at the end of the block. Gilbert passes out guns to each of them and tells Leti and Beulah watch the back. Beulah is worried about her sister, Dora. They got into a nasty fight earlier and Beulah said some things she regrets. She hopes that they'll survive the night, she'll get to apologize to Dora, and that everything will work out, but Leti knows otherwise.

Nana Hattie catches Leti rummaging through her drawers and holds her at gunpoint. Leti reveals that she’s from the future, Dora’s son’s girlfriend and that she needs the Book of Names. She proves it by drawing their family’s birthmark on a sheet of paper. Hattie then looks outside and sees that the house is surrounded. The mob of white men begin throwing Molotov cocktails into the house. Leti can’t allow her to save her family as it will change the future. She explains how Dora survives and goes on to have a son. Hattie realizes that Leti’s telling the truth and retrieves the Book of Names. She tells Leti that when her great-great grandson is born, he will be her faith. As the room fills with fire and smoke, she hands the book over to Leti and tells her that the book is spelled. She was told to protect it but never to open it. Rather than leaving, Leti decides to stick with Nana Hattie until the end. They hold hands and pray to God as Hattie goes up in flames. Afterward, Leti makes her way back through the portal with the Book of Names.[8]

Full Circle[]

Leti and Tic fall unconscious after unbinding the Book of Names. Leti finds herself back at Dora’s childhood home with Hattie, who reveals that Hanna unknowingly birthed the ancestral space they currently occupy when she opened the Book of Names for the first time. Before Hanna took her own life, she searched for a spell that would bind it shut forever. Hattie’s family has protected the book for generations, but now it’s Leti’s burden to bear. She warns Leti against following in Hanna’s footsteps and binding the book out of fear. She will need to be strong to fix Hanna’s mistake. Hattie teaches Leti to read the Language of Adam. Tic arrives with Dora, and together they use the Book of Names to cast a spell to save Dee, and Leti and Tic awaken.

Leti and Tic go back to the Winthrop house and take the elevator down into the tunnels leading to Titus’ vault. They follow the path back to the chamber, where they enact the first step of their plan by acquiring Titus blood to make the blood connection. After forming a salt barrier, Leti and Tic perform the resurrection spell to summon Titus. He appears before them. They summon Hanna as well. She reveals their plan to kill him. Something she should’ve done all those years ago when Titus attempted to sacrifice her baby. Tic and Leti charge at Titus, but he manages to escape the circle. They summon him back to the circle and Tic cuts out a piece of his flesh.

Leti wants to use Ruby to retrieve a sample of Christina’s blood, though Montrose doesn’t trust her as she’s grown too close to Christina. The ancestors said that they would have to connect all three of their bodies to bind Christina. Christina arrives and asks for the Book of Names. Christina gives her word that she’ll leave Tic and his family alone if they hand over the book, but Tic declines her proposal. As she’s leaving, Christina removes the invulnerability spell she put on Leti.

Leti and Ruby meet at their mother’s grave, where Leti finally explains why she didn’t attend their mother’s funeral. She was in jail, though admittedly, she was relieved not to attend. Ruby says that no matter what, Eloise was still their mother, but Leti argues that blood doesn’t necessarily make them family. Family is acceptance and a willingness to sacrifice everything necessary to protect it. Leti shows Ruby the Book of Names and asks her to retrieve Christina’s blood for the bind spell. However, Ruby accuses Leti of only wanting to be sisters when she needs something from her.

Leti and Tic get baptized. She assures him that God will look after her and their son. She recently realized that God is within them all. Including their son. Afterward, they prepare to leave for Ardham. Ruby arrives at the last moment with a vial blood and joins them. Once in Ardham, Leti and Ruby use blood to draw symbols on the watchtower to complete the binding triangle. She then realizes that Ruby is actually Christina using the metamorphosis potion. Christina reveals that she caught Ruby trying to steal the potion and killed her. In a fit of rage, Leti punches Christina and a fight ensues, ending with Leti being thrown off the tower to her death.

Unbeknownst to Christina, Leti still bears the Mark of Cain. She awakens on the ground and heads to the lodge. She arrives just as Tic breaths his last breath. Leti tells Tic that she loves him just as he dies and the spell is complete. Leti sneaks up from behind and stabs Christina with her blade, but given her recently acquired immortality, she heals. Despite the fact that they failed to make the blood connection, Leti still recites the spell, causing a dark cloud to form. Ji-ah realizes that this is her destiny and becomes entangled in the darkness before using her tails to connect Tic and Christina. This acts as the blood connection for Leti to perform the spell given to her by the ancestors, resulting in a huge dark explosion of energy. Christina wakes up trapped under the rubble from the explosion. Leti reveals that she bound not only Christina from magic but all white people. Having defeated Christina, Leti, Montrose, Hippolyta, and Ji-ah carry Tic home.[9]


Leti is a civil rights advocate, actively fighting for the rights of black people, often landing her in jail. She traveled across the country after leaving Chicago when she was younger to advocate for her people. She is also adventurous, driven, and not afraid to face danger head-on, in one case even running out to protect Tic from an onslaught of bullets.

Physical Appearance[]

Leti is a young black woman, 25 years of age, with a light complexion, with brown eyes and short black hair. She can always be spotted sporting red on her figure.


Magic: Leti while having very little experience with magic is a capable and formidable wielder of it. Having mastered the language of Adam and remembering a powerful binding spell with relative ease. She was able to channel the energy of the Autumnal equinox and use it to bind magic from all white people on the planet, with Ji-ah helping as well.

Invulnerability: Leti possesses via the Mark of Cain total and complete protection from all manners of physical harm and damage, including fire and bombs. As witnessed various times physical harm simply bounces off her not even making physical contact with her body due to the MOC’s effects. She has been shot at multiple times, walked through and stood in the midst of fire unharmed, as well as survived walking through a bomb dropped by a plane without a single scratch, and in the season finale survived falling from several stories high with no harm, along with no damage sustained after finishing casting her powerful spell against white folk.


  • Atticus Freeman - Leti's childhood friend, whom she lost her virginity to, got pregnant by, and has grown to have intense feelings for, later revealed to be actual love for him before his death.
  • Ruby Baptiste - Leti's older half-sister, who she has a strained relationship with due to Leti being a constant "fuck-up," and only ever coming by when she wants money.


Season One


My name's not "girl." It's Letitia fucking Lewis!

Leti to George, Sundown

Hell, it don't make any sense. But to be honest, I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to figure out her crazy motivations. Mama never did anything for anyone or for any damn reason but herself. And I didn't tell you be... because I knew it was gonna hurt you.

Leti to Ruby, Holy Ghost

And I died too. And honestly, since I've been back, I've felt like a ghost. Like something's missing. And I keep grasping at everything, trying to avoid it. Pioneering, the church, my sister... you. Hell, I thought the world was one way, and I found out it isn't. And it terrifies me. But I can't live in fear. I won't. I gotta face this new world head on and stake my claim in it.

Leti to Tic, Holy Ghost

It ain't just get dangerous. He was kidnapped! I died! Can you stop acting like this is only happening to you? You're not the center of the fucking universe.

Growing up, I... Felt love wasn't special. My mama fell into it every two seconds. And Ruby was just like her. I didn't wanna be with a man if I... if it didn't mean something.

Leti to Tic, Strange Case

Doesn't matter. It's no excuse. Our last fight was one of our worst, and it was my fault. I should have told you about the money coming from Mama. All these time I've spent thinking about all the things I hated about her, it never occurred to me that I could actually become her. I may not be a hustler like her, but I tried to hustle you. For that I'm sorry.

Leti to Ruby, I Am.

Heavenly Father... I know You said we were all meant to go through trials and tribulations. But this magic... That's haunting us... and testing us... it's like the devil. That part, You left out. And now, God, the man that I love... I'm begging You, God. I'm begging You. Please, God, please... protect him. Put Your shield of armor around him as he says that spell, God. And please, God, extend Your grace to Emmett's family. To Mamie. In Your mighty name, I pray. Amen.

That's not enough, Ruby. We just call ourselves family. I'm even confused about what family really means, and Lord knows she wasn't a good example of it. You know, I know what it is now, and it is not an obligation. It's acceptance. It's a willingness to sacrifice everything that is necessary in order to protect it.

Leti to Ruby, Full Circle

You know what I realized? All this time, I've been chasing faith, when I should have been discovering it in myself... 'cause that's where he is... in all of us. I see him so much in you. And he's in our baby. And you gotta believe in us.

Leti to Tic, Full Circle