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The Order of the Ancient Dawn is a cult dedicated to opening the door to the Garden of Eden and achieving true immortality. Atticus Freeman is what's known as a son among sons, which is a high ranking member in the organization. Normally, a black man wouldn't be allowed membership, but Atticus is the exception given the fact that he is the last blood heir of its founder, Titus Braithwhite.

Samuel thought that using Atticus as a conduit during the ceremony would allow him to access the Garden of Eden, however, the ceremony was hijacked by the ghost of Hanna, which resulted in Samuel and the other members being turned into stone and crushed by the collapsing building.[1]

In Christina Braithwhite's pursuit of true immortality, she cost the Order the ability to do magic when she was defeated by Leti and Ji-Ah who used a blood connection spell provided by Hanna.[2]



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