Captain Seamus Lancaster is one of the recurring characters in Lovecraft Country. He was portrayed by Mac Brandt.

He was the Captain at Chicago Police Department and friend of the now deceased Hiram Epstein.

History[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

He is a former thug who grew up on the streets of Chicago and is more brawn than brain, he’s strong armed his way to the head of Chicago PD’s organized crime unit, where his corruption has been allowed to thrive.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Holy Ghost[edit | edit source]

Captain Lancaster rides in the back of the patrol car with Leti. He reads her record and asks if she’s with the "Monkey Urban League" or the "The National Association for the Advancement of Cockroaches." She’s filed 21 complaints of harassment from her neighbors since moving in, but Lancaster claims they didn’t receive any complaints. He asks Leti if anything strange happened in her house or if someone told her to buy the Winthrop house. When Leti doesn't respond, Lancaster instructs his men to swerve, causing Leti to bounce around the back of the vehicle, slamming against the inner walls of the patrol car. They found the body parts of eight black people buried in the room below the basement. He tells her that she won’t last long in that house.[1]

A History of Violence[edit | edit source]

Captain Lancaster has Christina Braithwhite brought to him after discovering that she was in town. Christina claims that she went to the Winthrop house to have a chat with Hiram to convince him to give her the orrery as it is the key to his time machine. She was surprised to find that Negroes had moved in. Lancaster can't believe that she is openly admitting to trying to take his lodges rightful property, but Christina replies that he’s not even an official member, though neither is she as the Order doesn’t allow women.[2]

Strange Case[edit | edit source]

Lancaster attends a meeting for the Order. He claims it was a unanimous decision by the members that he take the reins of their social club. Unfortunately, there had been some defection following Hiram’s death, but it’s only made them stronger.

Lancaster enters his office upset that the Order is reluctant to accept him as an official member. He knows that it’s going to take Horatio Winthrop’s pages to get him in. They’ve at least managed to convince the county sheriff of Kentucky that it would be in their best interest to protect the Winthrop Observatory from possible vandals. Lancaster has figured that Christina is after the orrery and plans to have her bring it right to him.[3]

Jig-A-Bobo[edit | edit source]

After finding Diana Freeman's travel comic at the observatory, he confronts her and ask where her mother is and what her name is. Dee claims that she's on a guide trip. Lancaster asks Dee about magic and how much she knows of it. However, she isn't aware that it's real. Upon realizing this, Lancaster performs a spell. He chants in the Language of Adam and wipes his spit across Dee’s forehead before leaving.

Captain Lancaster is followed to his office by Dee, who asks if her mother is dead. He’s doesn't know for certain but says that she mostly likely is. She then asks about the curse he placed on her and what will happen if the demon girls get to her. Lancaster is willing to remove the curse if Dee retrieves Hiram's Orrery, but she refuses and spits on Lancaster’s shirt, saying: “Fuck you, pig,” before leaving.

Later that night, Lancaster leads his men to the Winthrop House claiming that they have a search warrant to search the premises after getting a tip that known Nation of Islam radicals were organizing, though in truth, Captain Lancaster is simply after the orrery. He tries to enter Leti’s house, but is blocked by the protection barrier. And so, he orders his men to open fire on the house. During the shootout, they are attacked by a Shoggoth.[4]

Rewind 1921[edit | edit source]

Lancaster just barely survived the shoggoth attack. He attempts to heal himself using magic and "spare parts" from black men they've abducted and killed. However, despite his attempts to heal himself with magic, his wounds continue to return. Christina arrives in the form of William and tells Lancaster that the wounds he suffered from the attack will come back no matter how many times he attempts to swap spare parts. She retrieves the talisman planted in his office by Ruby, and reveals that she cursed him. She wanted him to die a thousand deaths but will settle on letting him die now.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lancaster was bigoted and racist. He only tends to the white majority of the community he presides over and has expressed little concern in the dangers that black people endure under his watch.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lancaster was a balding middle-aged white man with blue eyes and blond hair.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You really don't know anything about that house you moved into, do you? We found the body parts of eight n*ggers buried in the room below the basement. So if history is any indication, you won't last in that house very long. At all.

Captain Lancaster to Leti, Holy Ghost

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