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Shoggoths are massive muscular bubble blob guard dog creatures with multiple-eyes and multi-layered rows of razor-sharp teeth. In the night, they rustle thru the woods making chattering sounds.

The Shoggoths are also shape-shifters, they're able to stand on hind legs like a human, and even form what resemble heads atop their bodies.



The Shoggoths are guard dogs to the Braithwhite estate.

Physical Appearance[]

Lovecraft Shoggoth 04 Square.jpg

Shoggoth are really quick anatomical, muscular, massive, and powerful creatures with elongated limbs and a blob body. They have approximately 4,000 razor-sharp teeth and a large unhinged jaw with a long tongue. They have extra jaw bits in their mouth that can liquidize their victims' heads when they consume them. They also have gills located on the side of their heads where blood expels through, with which they can exhale underground as well.

They have six legs: two fore legs, two back muscular legs with big shovel-like thick claws like rat mole claws to digs its way through the ground, and two less muscular legs on their chest, each with four sharp claws. On the back, they have a long sharp needle-like tail. The bones of the tail are bigger at the base and get smaller toward the tip.


  • Digging: The Shoggoth are able to dig really fast into the ground with their big shovel-like thick claws to travels underground, especially when it's daylight.
  • Agility: They have demonstrated the capacity to not only run at high speeds but to jump at vary heights, often using tall trees to travel, jumping from one to another in order to catch their prey/target.


The shoggoths are weakened by light, which Atticus, George and Letitia used to their advantage when acquiring headlights, flashlights, and road flares, which aided in their survival.






Season 1[]


  • The creatures changed quite a bit over the course of the production—mainly as Walker and Green moved through different designs, evolving the creature as they came up with new ways for it to interact with the world.[1]
  • Green wanted to make sure it didn’t look like an alien creature because “it’s a fantasy, surreal monster.”[1]