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The Sons of Adam Lodge was founded by Titus Braithwhite in 1813 after he discovered the Book of Names. It is one of 35 lodges in the Order of the Ancient Dawn.[1]

Horatio Winthrop is a founding member. However, he was banished after stealing pages from the Book of Names. He was sick of Titus having the only cipher to read the Language of Adam and tried to develop his own from the stolen pages.[2]

The retreat was originally burned down during the autumnal equinox of 1833. It was an unfortunate accident that killed Titus and everyone else inside except for a slave girl named Hanna. The home was rebuilt years later. However, during Samuel Braithwhite's attempt to access the Garden of Eden, the building collapsed on top of him and the retreat was once again uninhabitable.[3]

In Christina Braithwhite's pursuit of true immortality, she cost the Order the ability to do magic when she was defeated by Leti and Ji-Ah, who used a blood connection spell provided by Hanna to bind white people from magic.[4]




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